The common issues in all participating countries is the inactivity of young people to participate in the activities and decision-making process. The analysis of the youth work in all involved countries shows that youth is not interested to be active, to take part in the activities, to exploit possibilities, they are not interested to co-develop society they live in and they lack soft skills, needed in the economy. In that mater youth workers need new skills, knowledge to address those challenges. On this basis, the main purpose of this project is to integrate elements of motivational approaches and recognition of learning outcomes into youth work.

URBACT – Tool kit for youth participation in urban policies called

There are many different models of participation and many different ways in which young people can get involved. No single solution is suitable for every city’s circumstances.
The partners in the Young Citizens Project created a Tool kit for youth participation in urban policies called “URBACT”
Read more about it here:

Youth participation – tool kit

Here, you will find a great example of introduction to the concept of youth participation, methods and activities which will help you explore this subject, as well as a collection of other resources that might be helpful when dealing with youth participation. Click...

Online meeting with 4YOUTH partners

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, we met online with the partners of the 4YOUTH project. The aim of the meeting was to review the current work on the handbook, which we prepared in recent months. We have also discussed the ongoing situation in every organization regarding the pandemic. Our further work will focus on creating a handbook, we will add the missing chapters next month and finalize the final draft.

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, we had to ajdust to the situation, so we had our meeting with our project partners online. We talked about the how we will adjust our project regarding the situation and about preparing a handbook for youth workers.

The 4youth kick-off partners meeting

The 4Youth kick-off partners meeting took place in Accra, Ghana in the period 18 - 25 January 2020. During the event all partners had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to plan in details all forthcoming training activities, project administration,...