The common issues in all participating countries is the inactivity of young people to participate in the activities and decision-making process. The analysis of the youth work in all involved countries shows that youth is not interested to be active, to take part in the activities, to exploit possibilities, they are not interested to co-develop society they live in and they lack soft skills, needed in the economy. In that mater youth workers need new skills, knowledge to address those challenges. On this basis, the main purpose of this project is to integrate elements of motivational approaches and recognition of learning outcomes into youth work. Our intention is therefore to train youth workers how to use different methods and practices to improve the participation of young people. That is also the focus of this project which aims to develop skills, knowledge and competences of youth workers to increase their productivity and effectiveness. So, the result of our project will be the creation of a permanent methodology which will be widely used by all youth workers involved as well as other youth workers within the various networks. Based on the methodology, youth workers will also be able to assess existing programs that are implemented into their work and improved them. In addition the methodology can be used as policy directives for up-coming youths or the generations to come. Within the project, we will train youth workers and give them new tools, approaches and will develop environment for fostering youth participation.

Objectives of the project are:

  1. to establish cooperation between partners and networks. Also, to explore the existing situation in each country in order to share best practices and combine effective approaches to the new methodology – exchanging didactical and motivational approaches, projects, actions that are tackling youth inactivity. To exchange opinion and discuss the possibilities of its realization on the kick off meeting (defining needs and activities how to address those needs). In Kick off meeting, we will establish a methodological background of the methodology.
  2. identification of specific approaches an activities that youth workers and youth organizations can use to improve activity of young peoples, also to equip youth workers and youth organizations with appropriated tools to motivate young people to participate more actively.
  3. to train 22 youth workers how to encourage active youth participations, also to train youth workers in the field of activities for soft skill development and to give them knowledge, skills and support to develop and conduct national activities (by organizing 2 international trainings of youth workers).
  4. to develop a methodology for youth workers that can be used in all participating countries and by all youth organizations that are cooperating with partners of the project and are working in the field of youth participation.
  5. to develop and establish a network of partners that will share their knowledge, experiences, good practices and will use developed methodology as a learning tool within their everyday activities
  6. to strengthen network of youth organizations and gain new perspectives and new ideas how to tackle youth inactivity (during all activities in the project).
  7. to equip young peoples with methods, tactics and practices and by that encourage them to get more active and involved into the community

to encourage communities to deal with the problem of inactivity of youth through tools such as peer learning and networking between young people.

Duration of the project: 1.12.2019-30.04.2023

Project activities

  1. Project partners kick-off meeting – Accra, Ghana 
  2. Development of the methodology 
  3. First International training of youth workers – Celje, Slovenia 
  4. National activities 
  5. Second International training or youth workers 
  6. Preparation of the final methodology 
  7. Project management activities 
  8. Dissemination 
  9. Evaluation activities 
  10. Quality management and risk 

Project partners

– Celje Youth Center

– Amsha Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship

– The National Management School (NMS)

– Ghana Permaculture Institut

– Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation