Wooden toys (Slovenia)

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Examples of Good Practices | 0 comments

The idea of making and selling toys from wood arose when I made a toy for my child out of wood residue. The parts for making toys can easily be gathered at wood factories and are free, since they are leftovers, but are perfectly fine for making small toys. From small parts, we can then build bigger toys which are safe to use and do not contain any dangerous chemicals. At first, we would start with making simple toys for small children and in the future try to expand your line with cognitive, social and didactical toys for children of all ages.
Objective – To become self-employed in the field of children toys.

Partners – Wood companies, toy vendors.

Team – Iris Žunko

Results – A line of toys made out of natural materials that are environment-friendly and safe for children to use.

Effects – Happy children :).