International training for youth workers successfully completed in Celje youth Centre.

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 We hosted a group of young people at the Celje Youth Centre from 10 to 17 September 2022 from Bulgaria, Tanzania and Slovenia, who took part in a week-long training for youth workers as part of the 4YOUTH project. We also made sure that participants from Ghana and Malawii could join the training, so we were having multiple online sessions via ZOOM.

The week-long training included several workshops that helped with development of new skills and competences, and strengthen appropriate motivational approaches to increase young people’s inclusion in society. Participants were sharing their experiences and presenting their diverse national and local practices, all with the aim of increasing active participation in the partner countries involved. 

Additional activities, such as a visit to the International craft fair, where participants could get a closer look at good practices that were offered in the field of entrepreneurship in Slovenia. It was also an opportunity to create new ideas and business contacts. We spent one working day in Slovenske Konjice and learned about work that youth workers do on the field. Participants also visited the Celje Model Makers Club, and learned how an association with more than 50 years of tradition in the field of making models,  workd with young people.

In addition to study work, there was also a time for more tourist activities, such as sightseeing of Celje and its surroundings, trying local cuisine and visiting the Technopark and the Tropical House. Participants also successfully beat the Legend Hunt game and learned about the city’s rich history.

The project which brings together five youth organisations from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi, is co-funded by Erasmus+. Project website: https://www. 4youth. si/.