NATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Modern technology and motivation techniques successfully carried out in Malawi

by | Oct 25, 2022 | New posts | 0 comments

Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation (SURCOD) successfully implemented national activities in Malawi. First activity titled “Youths in modern technology” was carried out on 28 July 2022 at West Bank Secondary School where the students were exploring their perception towards technology as one way of focusing on the best alternatives to deal with youth unemployment. The activities were focused on exploring how technology can be used to boost youth employment. Participants explored various technologies applied in various fields, including the agriculture.

The participating youths were very happy to participate in this training and they said that it has prepared them to focus much on their future and be able to relate how technology can support them in their everyday life. Some of the participants pointed out that they were able to see how quickly and effectively technology opens doors, connects people from remote communities with the same interests, and provides new opportunities to women, vulnerable groups and especially to young people.

Second activity titled “A motivated youth: a successful community” was carried out on 7 August 2022. The main focus of the activity was to motivate them to focus more on their education to have a better future. The session was very lively as it started with climate setting and each and every participants were also sharing their educational goals. The activities used various tools and approaches to make sure that we are giving bigger space to them to make sure that they are contributing much.

The facilitators also used coaching which is the methodology they acquired during Malawi training from partners from Europe. During the activities real, actual examples were used to tackle issues. Various motivational tools such as rewards quizzes and others were discussed at length to make sure that the non-formal learning is taking place. The students were very pleased that SURCOD focused on these topics which were not common in schools and they pointed out the need for more activities like this which would support them in motivation.