NATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Youth Farmers Field Day in Tanzania 

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On 13th June 2022 and 15th June 2022 AMSHA Institute conducted a youth farmer’s field day it was two days of hand training that was conducted in 2 districts of the Lindi region. Youth farmer’s field day was a participatory approach to agricultural extension service that enables youth to acquire basic good agricultural practices composed of in-school agribusiness clubs (14 – 18 years old students). A key component of the training was to expose opportunities that are available in the agriculture sector and impart an agribusiness mindset to young people to stimulate innovation and creativity in the agriculture sector.

This event provides the opportunity for aspired and young farmers to acquire technical information about good agricultural practices from their fellow young people, extension officers, and agricultural input companies, and expert advice was given on marketing, tailor-made agricultural financial services, improved farming inputs and mechanization and solutions on various social, economic and agricultural problems as these events also enable secondary school students and young farmers to interact with each other and share experiences, challenges and solutions.