Project 4YOUTH: Training for youth workers at the Celje Youth Centre

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From 10 to 17 September 2022, the Celje Youth Centre will host a group of youth workers from Bulgaria, Ghana and Tanzania, who will participate in a week-long training for youth workers in the framework of the Youth workers together for active participation – 4YOUTH project. Project website: https://www. 4youth. si/. The project is co-funded by Erasmus+.

The project brings together five youth organisations from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi to find appropriate motivational approaches for youth workers to increase the inclusion of young people in society. Several activities have been carried out so far, including a kick-off meeting in Ghana and training in Malawi, as well as a number of local activities in the participating countries.

The training, which will take place in Celje this time, will include several workshops on developing new skills and competences and on acquiring new methods of working for youth workers. Participants will also share their experiences on national and local practices and look for initiatives to increase active participation in all partner countries. In addition to a full week of training, participants from abroad will have the opportunity to explore the sights of Celje and its surroundings, play a game of Hunt for Legends, discover the city’s attractive offer and try out the local cuisine.

They will also visit the International Crafts Fair, which will take place in Celje next week, to strengthen their knowledge of entrepreneurship and the creation of new ideas. They will spend a day in Slovenske Konjice, where they will get to know youth workers on the ground and see how youth work is practiced in Slovenia, facilitated by the neighbouring Youth Centre of the Dravinja Valley and Slovenske Konjice.