Youth In Agriculture Talk Show Tanzania

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Youth in agriculture talk show Tanzania

Youth in agriculture talk show this was a community radio programme facilitated by AMSHA
Institute the dialogue was aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge on agribusiness to the
young people in Lindi region, to keep the communities informed of what is happening around in
the agricultural sector and introducing opportunities that are available along the agricultural
sector value chain.

The show was an endeavour to change the perception of farming among young people and one among
the effort of making agriculture as a viable career. It was an opportunity to empower young people by
giving them information to facilitate their decision of being employed in agriculture. The show allow
interaction with audience via SMS and phone calls, “transforming agricultural activities to suits young
people is considered as a way developing and modernizing the sector as majority of the farmers are
aged people aged” radio programme listener. It was estimated that the talk show reaches about 1000
listeners in Lindi and Mtwara region, whereby we are expecting that 65% of young people gained
knowledge and understanding about agribusiness as a viable business and will pursue agribusiness
related opportunities.