NATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Testing Methodology in Bulgaria

by | Jul 29, 2022 | New posts | 0 comments

In today’s world, how do young people build social and life skills? How can learning be an interesting and fun process that boosts their confidence? How can interaction with other young people generate ideas and unlock their potential? How young people can be more active locally and contribute to their quality of life and development. The answer lies in non-formal education, which is based on experiential learning.

All these questions were the topics of the training for young people, which the trainers of the National Management School – Tony Karabashev and Borislava Yakova conducted on 22.06.2022. The training is part of the 4Youth project, which aims to increase youth activism in the country and encourage young people to take more initiative at local level.

During the training, the benefits of non-formal education were illustrated through various role-plays and simulations to encourage awareness in participants and change attitudes. decision-making skills, creativity and spontaneity were provoked through improvisational theatre methods. Similar project activities are also being implemented in Slovenia, Malawi and Ghana, where young people face similar difficulties and challenges.

As a project partner in 4Youth, the National Management School is actively working to promote non-formal education and increase the capacity of youth workers.Tony Karabashev demonstrated the basic principles of Impro theatre and the participants had the opportunity to experiment with their own beliefs and ability to connect with others.