Testing Methodology in Slovenia

by | Jul 26, 2022 | New posts | 0 comments

From 11 July 2022 to 16 July 2022, a training for young adults on active participation of young people in society took place at the Celje Youth Centre. The training was attended by 10 participants from the EU countries of Spain, Greece, Italy and Slovenia. We tried out different methods that we learned and discussed during the training of youth workers in Africa.

We were invited to present and test the knowledge and methodologies we have acquired to motivate young people and, as a result, their active participation in society, which is fundamental for democracy.

The positive impact of active youth participation cannot be denied, both at a personal and social level. It improves individual autonomy, the achievement of goals and the acquisition of different competences, and has a positive impact on the quality of life in society.

The knowledge acquired proved to be extremely useful and the reception of the approaches and methods was very positive, especially among the younger generation, which is just starting to participate actively.

It is important to motivate and encourage young people to integrate into society from the very beginning, as social acceptance is crucial to one’s functioning in such a society.

Youth organisations are also an important link in motivating young people to become active members of society, enabling them to embrace and realise unique ideas and work on projects that they find interesting. It is in therefore very important for youth workers to be able to motivate, guide and encourage young people to participate actively. The positive reception of young people’s ideas and their realisation has proved to be of fundamental importance in motivating young people to further participate in society.

We tested methods to encourage young people to become actively involved in society, through a series of workshops. The goal for all is a healthy democratic society that encourages free ideas and individual autonomy.